Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Be Shocked If Palin Ends Up the GOP Nominee.

Yes.  It is shocking.

No. I'm not admitting I was wrong that she would be the GOP Nominee for President.

(And, no, I have not been drinking.  Much.)

Palin broke news on Mark Levin's program that she "WILL NOT BE SEEKING THE 2012 GOP NOMINATION FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES."

I am not parsing words when I highlight that she chose the word "Seeking" instead of "Running."  They are not the same thing and Palin has been shrewd enough to know the difference.

She also knows that the attacks would be constant and vicious not just against her, but her family.  I wouldn't be surprised if the idea that Bristol and others would never again be able to stop in at Mall of America or go to Disneyland impacted her.

Or, she might have been watching the DVD sales to see exactly how completely her message and story could get out there.  Her decision very well could have been that if the demand for the DVD (as an indicator of popular interest in her run) was low, she would take another route.

She said last week that this nomination process will be unlike anything we have ever seen.  I believe it is quite possible she realizes that the chances of brokered convention are high and if there is a chance Romney might win, she accept the nomination then from a coalition that couldn't settle on Perry, Cain, Bachmann or Gingrich.  I didn't believe it before, but it is very possible she would accept the Vice Presidential nomination.

I am certain Governor Palin talks to (and yes - hears from, God).

At the end of the day, I'm sure she made a decision based on Divine Providence.

And I'm still not convinced she will not be President.  Whether in 2012 or later.  MEANWHILE, the danger to our country has not getting any better in the past 30 minutes.  Or 30 months.  Let's vet these candidates, support the crap out of them, and take this country back for Constitutional Conservatism. 

Mark Levin's interview here.


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