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No Mention of 'God' on Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial

Why is There No Mention of 'God' in the Quotes at the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Jr. King Memorial?
WASHINGTON, Oct. 16, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- "God" does not appear in any of the quotes from Dr. King at his memorial in Washington, D.C. (For a list of all the quotes go to Wikipedia: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.)
Failure to include the mention of God in the memorial is a shocking betrayal of the life, legacy and teachings of Dr. King who was an ordained Christian minister and pastor.
The question must be asked, "How is possible to have a memorial dedicated to Rev. King and not even mention the word 'God' once in any of his quotes?"
Failure to include the mention "God" in any of the Dr. King quotes demonstrates a troubling erosion of public expressions of faith and God in the public square.
Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition in Washington, D.C., comments:
"Just a few days ago I walked to the Dr. King Memorial for a moment of inspiration, reflection and prayer. It was the first time I had visited the memorial.
"The setting and vision of the memorial was powerful and moving and served as a prophetic reminder that we must always stand for human rights and justice.
"As I walked around the memorial, I was stunned and shocked to see that the mention of 'God' was not included in any of the quotes from Dr. King on the granite wall surrounding his sculpture.
"Dr. King was an ordained Christian minister and pastor who made faith in God and the teachings of Christ the central part of his life and message. The heart of the civil rights movement was rooted in the church and drew its strength from the timeless truths proclaimed by God.
"Not to include any mention of 'God' in the quotes at the memorial is a betrayal of the life, legacy and teachings embraced and lived by Dr. King. I think he would have been stunned and disappointed to see this oversight.
"How is it possible to have a memorial dedicated to a Christian minister, who based his entire message on faith in God and the teachings of Christ and whose movement was founded in the church and not include even one mention of God?
"Simply stated, it is very troubling, dishonest, and should be corrected."
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God's Name Not Written on MLK Memorial Stones a Missed Opportunity Says Dr. Alveda King
Contact: Eugene Vigil, 757-593-9982
ATLANTA, Oct. 18, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Alveda C. King, Founder of King for America commented today on the newly dedicated MLK Memorial Site. The MLK quotes on the 450 foot wall surrounding the Mountain of Despair and Stone of Hope have received scrutiny and praises from visitors. 

"This missed opportunity to carve GOD's Name on the wall still presents another opportunity. Many people don't know that Uncle M. L. was a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It stands to reason that they have never heard of his devotion to Jesus Christ and his message of God's agape love. I wasn't consulted on the design of the site, still I see this as a teaching moment to encourage people to read King's sermons."
During a pre-dedication tour, Alveda asked why the name of God wasn't inscribed in some of the quotes. She was told that the effort was to be global and universal in scope and that the hope was that people would depart the site wanting to know more about her uncle. "In the Old Testament, God carved His Word on stones. Today, His Word is inscribed in the human heart. I don't see this as a politically correct versus spiritually aware type of issue. I see this as an opportunity to witness the love of God and to invite people to read Uncle M. L.'s sermons and learn of his ministry."

During the dedication activities, Mrs. Naomi King, widow of Rev. A. D. King placed a creation video, a copy of The Beloved Community letter and Alveda's book HOW CAN THE DREAM SURVIVE in the MLK Time Capsule. Alveda was there to support her mother.

The Priests for Life Pastoral Associate was also reflective on President Obama's commemorative speech on October 16, 2011 when the MLK Memorial Park Site was dedicated. "For an unforgettable moment in human history, President Obama laid aside the political gauntlet to simply remember a man who dedicated his life in service to humanity. I really appreciated the gesture, and President Obama is in my prayers."

King who recently announced that she prefers "policy over politics" went on to note that her political views are different from the President's in that she is pro-life and supports procreative marriage, while President Obama supports programs that seem to favor anti-life efforts, with Planned Parenthood being at the top of the list.


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