Thursday, October 13, 2011

GOP Elite Declares War on Tea Party - The Rush Limbaugh Show

GOP Elite Declares War on Tea Party

Some quotes:
Bill Kristol on the Tea Party: "It's an infantile form of conservatism."
Scott Reed, veteran strategist and lobbyist: "I think it's waning now," talking to the reporter of the story about the Tea Party's influence. "Party leaders have managed to bleed some of the anti-establishment intensity out of the movement, Reed said, by slyly embracing Tea Party sympathizers in Congress, rather than treating them as 'those people.' Did he mean to say that the {GOP} was slowly co-opting the Tea Partiers? 'Trying to,' Reed said. 'And that’s the secret to politics: trying to control a segment of people without those people recognizing that you’re trying to control them.'" This is a Republican consultant talking about how to neutralize the Tea Party.
John Feehery, a lobbyist who was once a senior House aide I think to Denny Hastert, is also quoted. "The thing I get a kick out of is these Tea Party people calling me a RINO. No, guys, I've been a Republican all along. You go off on your own little world and then come back and say it's your party. Well, this ain't your party."
Charlie Black, longtime Republican strategerist and lobbyist confidently predicted when he talked to [the New York Times reporter] about the more radical members of the freshman class, they'll become the establishment. You wait."
The war is on and it is more real than we can imagine.  One of the things I loved about Sarah Palin was here pedigree of taking on the GOP establishment in Alaska and winning that battle first.  Can you guess which Presidential candidate is actively talking NOT just about reform and repeal of policy and spending cuts, but reform of the Party?  You'd be surprised.  I'm only aware of one.
PLEASE READ the entire article: GOP Elite Declares War on Tea Party

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