Monday, October 17, 2011

Herman Cain Gets Cheers from Occupy Wallstreet Demonstration

UPDATE: Peter Schiff also goes down to Occupy at bottom of this post.This is one of the most amazing things I have seen from Occupy Wallstreet coverage.  An unidentified entrepreneur offered to answer questions in the middle of an Occupy Wallstreet demonstration in Los Angeles for about 10 minutes.  At one point a demonstrator grabbed him, but on whole the crowd actually seemed eager to hear from him.

What might shock you:
  • At the end many asked him to come back
    (He agreed to today (Monday))
  • The crowd cheered and broke out into chants of "9-9-9" when he answered a question by saying he was leaning toward Herman Cain for President.
  • At the end a protester said, "That is a very great man."
I can't tell you how encouraging this was to see.  The media and handlers will do everything they can to convince these people otherwise, but engaging them in a friendly, approachable way may have educated one or two of them.

Watch for yourself here:



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