Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Up to 40 Forged Signatures on Obama petition

As a close observer (and casual participant) of True The Vote, I'm surprised, I'm surprised at the amount of corruption in our voting system.  This from the Chicago Tribune today:
The Tribune reported Wednesday that it has talked with more than 40 people who say they didn't sign ballot petitions submitted in St. Joseph County for Obama or Clinton, despite their names appearing on the documents.
The Ex-Indiana governor said not only is that not his signature on the Obama petition even the printing next to it doesn't look like his.

The Tribune goes on to say that it seems the names were copied from a 2008 Democratic petition for Governor.

The Tribune also was the source of a story about the possibility of Hillary running for President.  Can I ask why, after all the evidence of fraud after Obama's 2008 election, is the Chicago Tribune the source of two stories, extremely injurious to the President.

I have maintained all along that if the economy was in shambles and it looked like Obama would hurt the Democrat "brand," not only would you see open challenges to him, but people like Hillary would use surrogates to raise the darker issues of citizenship and other Obama problems.

Mike Huckabee has talked at lengths about the Clinton "machine."  I suspect we've already seen the first snowdrift of the avalanche preparing for a internal war against Obama in his own party.


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