Sunday, October 9, 2011

What It Means To Be An Heir Of The World -Joseph Prince, Joseph Prince Ministries - Watch Christian Video, TV

What It Means To Be An Heir Of The World - VIDEO

Joseph Prince Ministries
This is an AMAZING video for every Chrisitan, shoot - every HUMAN - to watch.
Quick points:
  • Romans 4:13 said Abraham's blessing from God was to be the HEIR OF THE COSMOS.
  • This promise is received NOT by trying to keep God's laws, but by FAITH (belief and trust in what you can not see as a free gift you didn't deserve or earn)
  • Galations 3:13 says WE (who believe on Jesus) are entitled to Abraham's blessing.
  • Why don't we see those blessings in our life? Because we are trying to obtain them by "being good," not by simple trust and faith that Jesus has paid for EVERYTHING for us.
  • What negates Grace? It is NOT sin. But faith. (Romans 4:14)
  • Many (most) Christian churches are so intent on telling their people what is "right" or "wrong" they are enslaving their people to STOP the blessing of God from coming to them. Jesus (and Paul) said it is NOT obtained by being "good."
My observations:
  • this is why Jesus didn't defend himself. He had the GRACE of the Father and walked by the Spirit and thus negated any law against Him.  Had he argued why He was "good" He would have negated His own blessing.  (Galatians 5:17)
  • Christian America doesn't see an outpouring (revival) for God because we keep hammering the unsaved over sin - instead of telling them how GOOD Jesus is. 
  • It is not up to us to worry if they abuse God's grace (they can't - it actually transforms them).
Watch the video. It is entertaining, funny and if you ask God to reveal Himself to you in it, I believe it will bless you immensely.
Blessings to you.


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