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Godfather Politics Is Whacked

I'm a HUGE fan of Godfather Politics. So much so I urge you to subscribe and get it delivered to your inbox like I do.  Like every conservative site, they have a slant and although unhidden, it's as rich and meaty as a NY pepperoni slice with extra gouda.  But.  (In fact, big Marlon Brando Butt...)

They ran a piece today called, "Don't Be Surprised if Obama Wins."  The primary assertion is that the GOP is already screwed because, with the economy in the tank, Obama is still over 40% approval and none of our candidates are inspiring or have enough "fight" to win in 2012.

At risk of having a contract put on me - Godfather, you're frickin' crazy!  First, it is important to note popular approvals are very different from registered voters and turn out.  Secondly, over half of the voters can't name a SINGLE GOP candidate!  A "generic" Republican trounces Obama who can't get above 50% in a poll of most Americans who aren't even paying attention!  To me this explains how even Perry suffers against Barack the Magic Dem'crat (45-38) since most voters couldn't pick him out of a line up of Aggie Assistant Coaches.  As we've seen in the GOP primary people have a "perception" that easily (and violently) changes once they pay attention.  The Perry plummet, Bachmann bomb and Trump tumble all occurred when we actually observed the candidate of prospect perform, then fail to impress. 

This happens to us all the time in real life.  I couldn't wait to have a Land Rover as my first luxury car.  I finally could afford it and had picked the color and interior.  Then I drove one.  Honestly, the cab of a CAT tractor was more comfortable.  And even IT has a bigger back seat.  I then "settled" on a QX.  I was shocked when others fawned over it since I never saw it is an Escalade or Lexus type image.  Why should we be surprised that most Americans haven't looked much deeper than a 30 second clip on ABC Nightly News?

Do you realize that Obama ONLY won with 53% of the popular vote in 2008 against a weaker candidate than Romney, Cain or Gingrich?  And it was even closer in the electoral college.  If McCain had won Ohio he very likely would have won the whole thing.

In 2012 at least 4 swing states now have fairly popular GOP Governors who have been singing a conservative carol since 2010. (Including WI and OH no less).  And Dick Morris points out that in 2012 the black vote rose from 11 pct to 13 pct due to the novelty of the first black President and the endless hype in MSM and liberal media.  Now, even at urban radio stations, there is open disappointment in "The One" which AT LEAST Will depress the turnout back to 11% and maybe less.  If Cain runs and shaves another 2 % or 3% nothing else matters.  Obama won't have the votes.

The Latino vote he won 75/25 is now down to low 40's in approval and the young vote is the same.  if EITHER one of this whole true a year from now, he'll be Chicago's problem to deal with again. (The subject for a WHOLE other blog.)

Frankly, I am more concerned with either a Clinton nomination or the declaration of a dictatorship by D'Oh-bama.  And those are both very, very far fetched for someone who has done his best to illegally gain more power by the minute.

The weakest candidate we have right now is likely Perry and that only from his debate performances.  And while registering an underwhelming 2.2 on the Ronald Reagan Richter scale, he has the ability to raise cash and expose every voter to slick commercials 20 times per episode of Glee, OZ and Piers Morgan.  And (thank God) he has the best media team of all the candidates as witnessed by his stunning Global Mitt Warming ad embedded in this paragraph.  We already know Republican voters aren't going to vote for anyone else.  If GOP voters aren't motivated by the petrifying fear of another four years of Obama are problems are much deeper than candidate "pizzazz" or persuasiveness.  I probably agree much more along the thoughts of Rush Limbaugh that the economy is SO bad, we have a chance to elect a serious conservative instead of one who will just perpetuate the current corrupt system.

ronald_reagan-2 Godfather, you asked at the end of your article to "help prove you wrong."  I'll go farther.  I'm calling you out.  MAN UP, and GO MATTRESS!  We are CONSERVATIVES.  I don't frickin' care if Santorum is the nominee and he blows buggers on Obama during the debate.  The LAST person I expected to give me some linguine spine'd lament is the Goombah of gonads.  We will win this thing if we have to hold neighborhood debates to educate people on how GREAT this United States Constitution is and why capitalism will again unlock the power of the greatest people on earth.  US.  AMERICANS.

I will admit, this week was tough for me. I haven't watched Beck since he left FOX News but did Monday.  He's already cashed it in.  Doesn't care who gets elected.  He's basically all, "just by a pistol and start storing freeze dried soup in your basement."  Well some patriot of valor, integrity and fearlessness he turned to be.  Thank God for the Human Events video from the Hillsdale College President and the speech last week by Tom McClintock.  If anyone had a right to be popping the equivalent of Dan Quayle Quaaludes its the conservative representative from a state that re-elected a far left liberal who failed miserably and who has all but ensured their bankruptcy through a communist California cabal.  But what does Tom the Tea Party Caucus Representative say?

The last election, despite its dramatic results, only changed one half of one third of the decision making apparatus of the federal government. ...The good news is that (another election) is coming, and the economy is very dynamic.  For good or ill, it responds rapidly to changes in public policy....I have great faith in ... the judgment of our people when they are paying rapt attention to events – as they now are – and in the resilience of a free economy.

Two years from now- I believe we will be able not just to tell our children what it feels like when it is morning again in America – but to be able to show them.
Read the whole speech here.

Now if I guy like that, who is seeing stuff in his Budget Committee he can't even tell us, and lives on an island of rampant mindless liberalism, is optimistic for our future - I expect nothing less from the Godfather.

Leaders don't whine, they find a way to win.  WE have faith in the "53%."  Including you.


From Twitter via @arlenearmy
My comment -> 'U mention Hillary factor. Add the 3rd party to the equation'

I don't see enough momentum for a 3rd party candidate (aside from the 9% of Ron Paul fans) and the polls show such strong sentiment against it I don't see how it would get started. IMO there needs to be MULTIPLE respected champions for this and everyone from Palin to Beck have pointed out this is near certain disaster to "split" the coalition. I may be politically deaf and have seen a bit more mention on Twitter but without a MAJOR charismatic candidate selling it - hwo does this happen?

What about if someone like romney or perry get the nomination and they are really unpopular with the the base or are getting hammered so bad by Obama that they might be in real danger then do you think a 3rd party candidate jumping in during the race for the general election might garner enough votes?

As I understand the numbers - only about 60% to 75% of the base are conservatives. The libs can count on 40% of the American voters to vote with them every election and they are running about the same with independents. If the GOP gets even 15% of the vote - about a third of what they would be "guaranteed" without a 3rd party candidate and impossible to NOT get - Obama would win in a landslide.

I was emailed this via CONTACT above to someone having troubling posting. Their comment in full:

The drop-down list for selecting a profile isn't working, so I can't post a
comment regarding something being wrong with Godfather politics. My
response: You're right on a number of levels. First, Obamma's "numbers" are
worth scrutinizing. Where did they get them? Whom were they polling?
Certainly not me or anyone I know! His regime has raised spinning to a whole
new level, so let's take these "approval numbers" with a grain of salt. As
Rush likes to remind us, their internal numbers are horrible, which is why
they are spinning and trying to undermine conservative Republicans 24 X 7 at
a head-spinning pace. Secondly, there is something wrong with Godfather. The
other day I took exception to a poster who used a parable from the New
Testament in a twisted manner to justify wealth redistribution and
freeloading. I responded without any foul language or personal attacks and
it disappeared as fast as I posted it. Eventually all of my posts that were
in response to this other poster had been removed. I have since
unsubscribed. The other side is very active at painting a doom and gloom
picture to dishearten us. No way. And the loss of a few Paul bots won't
cause us to lose. Too many others are moving this way. There is no perfect
candidate. But the majority of the candidates on the right are very
conservative, and at least they are getting properly vetted by their
debates, something we didn't get last time, so it's already an improvement.
Once we have a nominee, that person will become very well known. And so will
their beliefs and intentions. Hang tough. It's not even close to being over,
and we're so close to winning that it's causing "them" to panic, which means
we're doing better than we know.

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