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Yemen Man Arrested Under Alabama Illegal Immigration Law - UPDATE

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The "Update" first - then read the original article which assumed he was illegal.

First Individual Arrested Under Alabama Immigration Law is From YEMEN

CORRECTION 10/04: The Etowah County Sheriffs Office now reports that Mohamed Ali Muflahi’s attorney produced – after 3 days – a visitor or work visa for him. Therefore they were mistaken that he was in the U.S. illegally. However, due to his actions during the drug raid, Muflahi is facing a Class A misdemeanor. Upon conviction, per Federal law, he is subject to automatic deportation (unless rescued by Obama’s recent unilateral decree staying nearly all deportations).
As to those who would attempt to use this incident against the new Alabama law, keep in mind a few things. First, visa holders are required to carry their IDs on their person “at all times” according to Federal law. Muflahi did not produce it for 3 days. Foreign visa holders are guests here and must obey our laws, which Muflahi appaently did not.
Also, remember that 4 of the 9/11 hijackers were here on expired visas and were stopped for speeding less than 2 months prior to the attacks, yet none of them were caught because laws like Alabama’s H.B. 56 were not in effect.  The law worked here.  The police did their jobs. Those who wish to take advantage of this circumstance to trash law enforcement and this law, do a great disservice to those whose job it is to protect us all.

ORIGINAL ARTICLEFor months, America has been told by left-wing non-profits like the Alien Criminals Liberation Union (ACLU), La Raza and LULAC, that Alabama’s new immigration law H.B. 56,  “targets Hispanics” and is “anti-Latino“. Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn wisely ignored that rhetoric when she let stand (pending trial) the law’s most critical section – having police check immigration status of individuals apprehended in a lawful stop or arrest.

Well, the very first such arrest has now occurred since the Judge’s ruling. And – surprise, he  is not from Mexico, or any other Latino American nation.  He is Mohamed Ali Muflahi, 24, from…Yemen!

That’s right, the same lovely nation where we just killed a terror-linked cleric with a drone missile, and the home of the “most dangerous branch” of Al-Qaeda, according to U.S. officials.
Muflahi was arrested for obstructing a government operation during a drug raid in Etowah County. He did not have documentation, and so his immigration status was checked – per the new law. It was determined he was in the U.S. illegally, and was “charged with violation of the immigration law.”
We are waiting for the reaction of the usual (hysterical) suspects. But we can’t say we are surprised. There has been a big uptick in illegal aliens who are “OTMs” (Other Than Mexicans), and thousands of people from terror-sponsoring nations have been apprehended at our borders in recent years, despite Janet Napolitano not wanting to discuss it.
And of course, 4 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 had overstayed expired student or tourist visas, yet had evaded discovery – despite stops for speeding – because laws like Alabama’s were not in effect.
As our store’s most popular t-shirt says, “Illegal is Not a Race, It’s a Crime“. And it is the truth. We don’t care about the race of those who break our laws. We care about enforcing those laws for ALL…and apprehending and removing those who come here illegally.
Opponents of Alabama’s law are the ones who pull the race card. They are against ALL restrictive immigration laws, and believe our border should be wide open. They are not concerned about the national security threat of unchecked entry of illegals from terror-sponsoring nations, so long as their greater race-based agenda is served.
But the people of Alabama, Arizona and Georgia DO care, and are serving not just the citizens of their own states, but all Americans, by enforcing the rule of law. Congratulations to Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin and his department for making the first of what hopefully will be thousands of arrests of illegal aliens under Alabama’s outstanding new law!
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