Monday, October 3, 2011

Sarah Palin - You Betcha! BOMBS at Box Office

In preparation for an upcoming article on movie reviews, I came across a very interesting political film news item regarding Governor Palin.  (Insert sarcastic tone here)  I can't imagine why I didn't any news of this as liberals were rather excited about this anti-Palin "expose'" that was to finally put the bullet in Mama Grizzly.

Opening Weekend:  $6,911
(6 theaters, $1,152 average)
Opening Weekend:  $65,132
(10 theaters, $6,513 average)

As I discussed in my review IS THE UNDEFEATED – DEFEATED?, Hollywood distributors can “fake” opening box office interest in anything under 10 screens by concentrating the openings in two or three large markets, normally New York and LA.

I helped open a very average children’s movie in Arizona with a higher per screen average than YOU BETCHA.  This is a pathetic showing for a political documentary but it’s strange, I can’t find any reviews by Box Office Mojo, WIRED, or any of the same folks who trashed the opening of THE UNDEFEATED.

Perhaps suddenly how a movie opens is NOT an indicator of public approval (or disapproval) of the subject matter.

Entertainment Weekly coverage said:
Nick Broomfield’s Sarah Palin documentarySarah Palin: You Betcha! will be distributed by Freestyle Releasing, the company has announced. Broomfield, who directed the “expose” with Joan Churchill, raised more than $30,000 on the crowd funding site Kickstarter in three weeks to support the release, with additional funding being provided by private investors for the film’s expansion. After making its world premiere Sept. 11 at the Toronto International Film Festival, it will hit theaters in NYC and LA on Sept. 30 before rolling out to additional markets. Watch the trailer below. 
Film Synopsis:
It chronicles Broomfield’s quest to unveil the “real” Sarah Palin, and follows the filmmaker as he battles the icy snows of Alaska in mid-winter to speak to the school friends, family, and Republican colleagues that in previous days gave their heart, soul and belief to the charismatic, charming, intoxicating ex-hockey mom. But it’s not all plain sailing. People are frightened to talk — Wasilla makes Twin Peaks look like a walk in the park. It’s a devout evangelical community — 76 churches with a population of only 6 thousand, and the Crystal meth capital of Alaska. Broomfield brings his celebrated wit and determination to cracking her story through controversial interviews and surprise encounters with Ms. Palin herself.
What is very odd is that Freestyle Releasing doesn't even catalog the film on their site.


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