Friday, October 21, 2011

Once Again Chicago Sports Media Fails

David Haugh and Brad Briggs of the Chicago Tribune wrote this on September 23rd of this year about the Bears negotiations with Center Olin Kruetz:
Over a difference of $500,000, the Bears seem willing to risk the stability of their offensive line and the direction of the 2011 season.
Today, the New Orleans paper reports Kreutz is quitting.  In light of this:
Kreutz just returned to the lineup last Sunday at Tampa Bay after missing two games with a knee injury. And he and the rest of the Saints' line appeared to struggle during the 26-20 loss. Though it's hard to clearly evaluate a center's performance, Kreutz clearly didn't seem to be playing up to his lofty standard this season. Pro Football Focus rated him as the No. 31 center in the league so far this season.

His manager said Kreutz, is not retiring, doesn't have any problem with the coach or the team but is going home to spend time with his family.  How nice for him.  And how incredibly selfish to his teammates.

Now I genuinely appreciate the reporting of Haugh.  Not only is he normally accurate (outside of being politically naive) but he often has an unusual take or two that other reporters miss.  He’s a very good writer.  Briggs has a thin skin but is also unceasingly diligent at least in his reporting.  But the opinion piece they tried to pass off as ‘reporting’ is all to indicative of the liberal bias and ignorance of sports media.  Rush Limbaugh was fired (and blatantly misquoted) for saying McNabb wasn’t that great of a quarterback (which is statistically accurate), but Keith Olbermann who blatantly libels anyone he disagrees with, kept a high profile sports commentating role on NBC Sunday Night Football.  ESPN 1000 staff freely derided conservatives in the 2008 and 2010 election despite, again, facts showing we were absolutely correct in our assessment of the liberal hypnotism they were all under.

Briggs, and Haugh aren't the only apologists for an overpaid, aging player that they - and the entire Bears squad incidentally - adored.  ESPN 1000's Waddle and Slivey and others reamed Jerry Angelo for "not paying the man." And it's another reason we thank God that profit-driven business people run sports.  And the Chicago sports media doesn't.

Comments from New Orlean's fans?

Funny how Kruetz was untouchable for blame in the running game but since he's gone, Forte is having a breakout year.

I understand how teammates Chris Harris and others prejudiced their view of what was "right" or "wrong" by a close friend and leader.  And maybe it is all of sports media that publicly chastises and demeans micro-decisions of people who actually have to LIVE with their decisions and don't have the luxury to take pot shots without any consequence.  But the Kreutz decision shows a larger issue makes CAPITALISM great.  Selfish financial interest has a way of giving CLARITY to those who are actually impacted by the decision.  The BEARS set a value on the problems they had with Kruetz.  Possibly a clue to mental as well as physically diminished skills.   It doesn't take away one bit from all he accomplished as a Bear and as a player.  But thank God this quitter wasn't on the team this year.  If he wants to keep his image and legacy intact, I hope he apologizes to the New Orleans Saint team, owners and fans.

Lord knows I'm not holding my breath for the Chicago media to do the same.

New Orleans Saints center Olin Kreutz decides to leave team - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -


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