Saturday, October 8, 2011

Caffeinated Conservatives and their TwitterNet Banter

The beautiful Beth Pepoy has sat back and observed the intra-conservative scuffles of late and has a very timely, and funny observation.  She begins:

The other evening I was at a friend’s house when I noticed she had the same Keurig Coffee Maker that I do.  I started to make a comment about it , when suddenly she revved up into a whole dissertation on the handy contraption.  I mentioned to her ( at least I tried to) that I already owned one just like it, but nevertheless continued with her monologue, almost as if she was enjoying the sound of her own voice.
Looking at her in disbelief, I wanted to say; didn’t you hear what I just said? Honestly, I was floored by how little she was paying attention, and astonished how effortlessly she moved from contraption to what coffee I needed to buy.  She even went so far as to hand me a coupon for 20% off to buy a coffee maker I already own.
 Frustrated, I managed a crooked smile and accepted the coupon. Next thing I knew she was handing me a cup of coffee.  Quickly (more like one hot fast gulp, I would pay for later) I  finished the cup of coffee that she insisted I try.  It was then I realized I needed to make my escape.  Don’t get me wrong I love her, she a great friend, but there are times that she gravitates towards something and I can’t bring her back from.
Hyped up on caffeine my drive home would be the kind of stuff  Speedracer would be proud of.
And that’s when it hit me….
Read the rest of this very funny story at: Is Anybody Listening?


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