Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time to Take A Look At Who Texas Ted Cruz REALLY Is

Interview with Ted Cruz at Values Voters Summit
via Hot Air

I have not followed the Ted Cruz campaign. I see some tweets and have a number of blogger/twitter (blotters or twoggers - you choose) friends like The Jersey Texan who are Conservative Cruzers.

I have been too wrapped up in the GOP Presidential battles, the Houston Tea Party and inciting Chicago fans ever way to rise up and demand Jay Cutler be benched to focus too much on Texas political issues in my new home state.  (Is it new if I lived here before?  Hmmm.)

Anway - got around to watching Ted Cruz in this interview from HOT AIR.  Me likey.  The blog asks if he is the Texas Marco Rubio and I don't see that from a rhetorical standpoint - but I do on policy.

Here is the line that caught me.  (paraphrased) "DeMint was a lone warrior for REAL conservatism just 2 years ago and went out and tapped people like Rand Paul and others to establish a beachhead position in the corrupt Senate.  If we can get that number from 7 or 8 - to - ten or twenty, we can make a meaningful difference that will resound throughout the Senate."

No one likes to give Michelle B, any credit of late - but she has got one thing right that is missing from all the other Presidential candidates.  They key to 2012 isn't just electing a great conservative Presidential nominee.  It is electing a CONSERVATIVE House and Senate to be able to implement the reform and repeal of the corrosive bureaucracy that has weakened the Constitution.

It looks like Mr. Cruz-in is up to do some bruisin'.  The real sense of him comes in about mid-way:

Capice?  Maybe time to send a few dollars his way.  Also subscribe to Hot Air, The Jersey Texan and me.


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