Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cutler Kudos But I'm Entering Fan Free Agency

I have been very, very hard on Cutler.  I called him a wuss.  I said he lacked leadership.  I wanted him off of my team.  (and I still might.)

But, I hate people who, when they are shown wrong, don't equally be honest in addressing their earlier statements.  David Haugh is a little too complimentary for me in his Trib piece today: Expert: Cutler Played His Best Game of Season Last Night, but he is right.  "He marched into what was hell of an offense," and didn't give up.

Yeah, I saw a few Jay jeers, but give up he did not.  Seifert at ESPN makes the point:
According to ESPN Stats & Information, Cutler was under duress Monday night on a higher percentage of his passes than any quarterback in a single NFL game this season. On 16 of his 38 passes, Cutler was either forced from the pocket, had his throwing motion altered or faced a defender with a clear path in his line of sight. He was sacked three times and hit six times, according to press box statistics.
And we can't even blame him (Troy Aikman) for holding on to the ball.  He was - good. (Crow is very hard to swallow.)  The O-Line is horrible.  And has been since 2006 when Rex Grossman received way too much blame for exactly the same thing.  (And a great case for firing Jerry Angelo the GM.)  But Jay didn't look like he quit this time.  And I acknowledge an appreciate it.

I also appreciate Urlacher's tone and responsibility.  He called out his own unit and himself.  Frankly, although they did miss a number of assignments (Chris Harris looked completely lost last night), in many ways I felt they faced a superior offense even over Green Bay.  No - Rodgers is still better - MUCH better - than Stafford.  But as a unit, I still maintain that Detroit will when the NFC North.

And until Lovie Smith and Angelo are replaced, I am declaring FAN FREE AGENCY.  As players often say, "it's not a game, it's a business."

Well, I'm taking my business elsewhere.  I will be looking for the best Tim Tebow jersey deal later today.  Despite the inevitably that Denver will likely not make the playoff's, I just want to enjoy someone with a positive attitude that will give 100% every game.

I'm also sick of the Chicago media that will take this effort of Cutler's and start warming up the ovens to make a bronze replica of his "heart" to place in the shadow of Michael Jordan's statue. C'mon man.  The guy played one good game and still has the attitude of Eeyore. I hardly think we'll be confusing him with Brett Farve or Joe Montana.  Just as they unjustly gave Orton more credit than Grossman, I see a little bit too Cutler cultishness coming on, and I for one have had enough.  A few games back to back like this, without the sullenness of the QB or sophistry of the media - I'll be back.  In fact, less face it.  I'll always be a Bear fan no matter what they do or who they play.

But just like that canned cranberry sauce at the Thanksgiving dinner from your family member who just can't cook - I need a respite from my Bears before while they sort this out.


So now that you have had it with him and without him are you ready to admit you have a stud QB in Jay Cutler (when healthy)?

Well I've been thinking about that. Cutler had a nice run of 4 to 5 games. He wasn't much better than Hanie the first 4.

I am more than a little shocked that Hanie hasn't shown a bit more stability. He seems to be a Rex Grossman Jr.

So, Cutler's stock is MUCH higher with 5 wins and adds to the notion he DID exhibit some leadership.

Not enough for me to declare him "studworthy" but maybe more upside than I was thinking through all of last year and the first 5 games this year.

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