Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Proving the Bible is NOT from God

If you are uninterested in spiritual issues and an intellectual coward - don't read this blog.  It's not for you and you'll just get all pissed.  So go read something about politics, da Bears or Hollywood on the menu's above.

For others - I just wanted to post a blog featuring a few things you might find funny, interesting or both.

I am defined by a few key things.  My children (Beautiful Brilliant and Strong Brilliant), my childhood roots (Go Cubs Go), and my adoption by the Supreme Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe (no, the REAL one.)

So I write about it from time to time.  I really had a problem with RELIGION for most of my adolescences and wrote GOD UNPLUGGED! to talk about that journey in a (hopefully) humorous way.  It starts this way:

It started the day my moma turned on Billy Graham when I was 13.  “Was I a Christian?”  “Was I saved?”  She wouldn’t let up.  I thought, who cares?  Sure, I’d gone to Sunday School when I was 8 but no one made it out to be that much different from Cub Scouts or Little League.
While my biggest concern was the right sized bell bottom styles and trying to get my first kiss, mom suddenly morphed into Darth Vader.  "What kind of music was I listening to?"  "Are kids my age drinking?"  "Was I having sex yet?" (Like I’d talk about that with my mom!).  There were more commandments handed down that week than Moses on Mt. Caffeine.  I was just sure of one thing - I was no longer neutral on religion.  I was now firmly against it.
Read the whole thing. You might enjoy it.

And for those who ARE Christians - who can BELIEVE God at his Word - I wrote THE SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY MANUAL, a handy index of the promises God made.

I am a "lay" pastor, theologian, and apologist (and not just for the Cubs) and have a couple of stories.

Here is a message I gave a couple of July 4th's ago at a friends church you might enjoy. (No video of me but of my powerpoint and film clips)

I also taught a 2 part series on WHY YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD.  As much as I want to say BOTH are brilliant (and I really do WANT to say it - but it wouldn't be true) the 2nd part is much better and moves more quickly than the first.

But here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Why You Can Believe the Bible is the Inspired Word of God - Part 1 from Jim Ballew on Vimeo.
Why You Can Believe the Bible IS the Inspired Word of God pt2 from Jim Ballew on Vimeo.

There you go.  Hope you enjoy.  If you have any questions or want to know how to connect with God - use the CONTACT ME form on the very top menu.

Bless you.


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