Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Voters Believe Barack Is the Smartest Candidate for 2012

WARNING: USDA Prime PolitiJim Rant Ahead.  You might disagree - but now it's "out" there.

It's time for a Reality Check people!  I don't mean the Americans who think that Obama has more honesty, integrity and intelligence than Perry or Romney as shown in this latest poll from the Barna Group.  I mean you conservatives.  Bloggers to Beck, internet radio to Rush, who have consistently avoided bringing up the ugliest aspects about the current chief executive office holder.

Here is what your silence on the crimes of Obama has wrought.

Any politico knows that negative ads work. You still must articulate a positive plan and image - but driving up an opponent's negatives - work.  And as George Bush learned in his lack of defense over Iraq and Afghanistan war action, as Bob Dole learned with his run against Clinton - these negatives can't be ignored by "taking the higher ground" without a punitive impact of public perception.  Why should America truly believe we conservatives are "all that" about the Constitution when we don't make a peep about the worst transgressions agin' it?  Even liberal George Lopez wants to see the birth certificate!  And I doubt he knows that Obama failed eVerify!

I understand the liberals and mainstream media not wanting to touch these issues. A) They went too far out on a limb during the coronation and are embarrassed. B) They fear attacking Barack will reflect on their Democratic "franchise" so it's best not to bring the worst things to light. 

I think this is the primary reason most African Americans still support the President. Their years of brainwashing that they are "African" first and "Americans" second (yes, brainwashing) triggers a subconscious defense that all blacks will be associated by his failure. It's not true of course but I understand the "groupthink."

Would Barack have ANY support among his party or constituency if it became public knowledge he was an ID Thief with a stolen SSN?  Ok - it was inexplicable to us that over 70% of African Americans thought OJ was innocent, but even that changed when other high profile Africans spoke the truth the rest of us saw earlier.  (Many groups won't believe something as a whole when their media inputs and peer groups are unified on a specific viewpoint.)  And these influencers within a specific interest group are themselves influenced by peer pressure of other groups they want/need approval of!  Did you get that?  It's the "Emporer's New Clothes" syndrome.  The same political establishment that laughed at Ronald Reagan as a President in 1979, just celebrated him 2009.  Read my article on how Political Ideas Become Reality. But these groups won't change until the very evidence of the truth forces them to make an informed decision upon it.

But can we now start openly talking about the proven use of a fake Social Security Number, the outright forgery and promotion to the American people of a faked birth certificate and the systematic cover-up of the entire academic history by Mr. Obama?

With the discovery of a letter from Mr. Obama as Editor of the Harvard Law Review, we now have direct evidence that the campaign and media propaganda of Obama as a "legal scholar" is provably false.  Even the New York Times finally fired the usurper who forged his resume to obtain employment.

The silence of media conservatives on this matter makes them accomplices to continued perpetration of lies by Barack Obama.  And it condemns those who continue to say this is a better "strategy," by burying truth.

Guess what happens when you don't call attention to (much less enforce) crimes that are being committed?  Those crimes increase.  Not just in frequency, but in acceptance by society.

Three times this country enforced illegal immigration laws and removed them from the US (including once by FDR).  US employment increased and enforcement costs dropped.  Why? Because the prospective criminals KNEW there would be real consequences to their actions.  Rudy Giuliani was lancinated by the media and liberals who protested the removal of bums from New York street.  But when enforcement became inevitable, businesses returned, tourism increased and there was not a single reported incident of starvation by the homeless.

It is time for us to set the standard as conservatives of WHAT IS EXPECTED in a leader by not allowing those currently elected to get a "pass" because of what the media may say about out it.  Had McCain truly been the "maverick" he decreed himself to be, he would have asked for ID prior to accepting the debates as HE HAD TO DO in Congress.

Yes there will be many good consequences of successful prosecution of these issues including the vacation of Ms. Kagan at the Supreme Court, the immediate nullification of ObamaCare and every treacherous Executive Order Obama has signed.  But that is not the reason to patiently, pleasantly and firmly press these issues.  Where is the outrage that Sotomayor Or Kagan didn't recuse themselves from the most recent Supreme Court case on Obama's eligibility when there very jobs were at stake?  You want people to take the Constitution seriously?  Then be consistent in your defense of it.

Are you only for "parts" of the Constitution being enforced?  Do you want to abdicate your authority as a people over your government?  Keeping ignoring these issues and you'll get Obama and worse.  Hillary is waiting in the wings.

If conservatives were truly concerned with the enforcement of the Constitution as they claim, they would methodically ask for the credentials of the single most important official over enforcing the Constitution who uses his feloniousness as a middle finger to We, the People.

Otherwise, you get this:
The Barna Group - Barna Survey: Americans Think Obama is the Smartest and Most Honest Major Candidate


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