Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Romney Tied to Obama Administration Subverting FOIA with IPCC Deceit

The hits just keep coming.  Christopher Horner of - posting on Watts Up With That explodes a big one:
CEI has learned of a UN plan recently put in place to hide official  correspondence on non-governmental accounts, which correspondence a federal inspector general has already confirmed are subject to FOIA. This ‘cloud’ serves as a dead-drop of sorts for discussions by U.S. government employees over the next report being produced by the scandal-plagued IPCC, which is funded with millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.
As our FOIA request details, the UN informed participants that it was motivated by embarrassing releases of earlier discussions (“ClimateGate” key among them), and to circumvent the problem that national government transparency laws were posing the group.
So what is being accused here is the following:

Old news:
  • The IPCC used scam science to get the world to believe there was evidence for Global Warming
  • 40% of the key writers of the key chapter of the report were being paid by liberal groups like the WWF (wildlife not wrestling) Greenpeace, and Environmental Defense Fund. And of course, we learned that the key scientists involved admitted they couldn't find DATA for their conclusions thanks to an email hack by the Russians.
  • Romney pushed passed and passed a Cap and Trade Bill in MA
  • Not only did it embrace Global Warming nonsense, Romney said the fossil fuel industry was "killing" people.
  • Not only did he enforce a huge penalty on these power companies, he prohibited them from passing costs to consumers - thus crippling their ability to do business
  • Romney used a far far left guy named John Holdren to help develop his 'greenhouse gas' plan.
Holdren is now OBAMA's science advisor.  And he's been a baaaaad boy.  New news:
  • Upon being elected, Obama took away the relationship with the IPCC from the Department of Commerce and put it under John Holdren.
  • Holdren devised a "dead drop" (for you spy movie enthusiasts) to try and subvert Freedom of Information Act requirements to disclose information to the US taxpayers.  This "cloud" would essentially allow the Obama administration to post communications in NON-GOVERNMENTAL ACCOUNTS, hopefully avoiding congressional and inspector general scrutiny.
  • This explains why the White House has been arguing that the emails belong to the IPCC and not the US Government. (You get this right?  OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IS ARGUING IN COURT TO GIVE JURISDICTION OF OUR OWN COMMUNICATIONS TO THE UNITED NATIONS.  sorry for yelling.)

Now what do you think is so important in those communications that Obama would be worried about the American public seeing them?

Douglas MacKinnon in the Washington Examiner makes a great point: How is it that the conservative GOP candidates are not attacking Mitt Romney on this 24/7? puts how bad this guy is this way,

Holdren's bizarre views are best suited for an adviser to someone like, say, Pol Pot.

The Freedom of Information Request outling these issues is here: OSTP_IPCC_Elec_Comm_FOIA1 (PDF 112k)

I will be reviewing NoFrakkingConsensus’ new book about the IPCC in the next week or two.  Meanwhile please check out her site and book.


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