Monday, October 31, 2011


Politico is now saying there is "dramatic" differences in Cain's accounts primarily resting on his use one time of a "settlement" and later as an "agreement." You can read the unbelievable assertion here - but please - don't click unless you absolutely have to. Why give these guys any more attention?

Here was my reply to them earlier tonight:

I think the Politico should ban itself from running anymore stories about Herman Cain until either they produce the alleged injured party and/or give the complete details of exactly what is alleged.

To say today in interviews that the charges were NOT overtly sexual - and then say they wouldn't give specifics leads me to believe the Politico is just trying to create more traffic without any substance.

Still waiting by the way for the Politico's coverage of:

- Obama failing eVerify with his false CT SSN

- Sheriff Joe Arpaio's inquiry into Obama's eligiblity and his request to see the original birth certificate

- Both Mr. and Mrs. Obama's failure to have their law license renwed

- Unexplained gaps in Obama's history including the inability to produce ANY transcripts from college or university

- Alleged sexual misconduct by Barack Obama with a gay lover who was killed

- Admission by William Ayers he wrote Mr. Obama's biography

- Employment of STANLEY ANN DURHAM by Tim Geitner's father

- Conflict of University of Washington transcripts showing STANLEY ANN DURHAM was attending classes in Washington at the same time she supposedly was giving birth to Barack Obama

...tell you what. You give serious reporting to 3 of these things and I'll listen to what you have to say about any of the candidates..


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