Sunday, October 23, 2011

College Football Team Fails on ‘OBAMA’ Play

AuburnObamaCardOffense Many non-WarEagle fans did a double take yesterday watching the #1 LSU –#19 Auburn game when Auburn flashed a poster board picture of a pondering Barack Obama from the sidelines.

At first I was sure I saw that wrong.  Then I heard CBS Sports announcer Gary Danielson say,

I don't know what its supposed to be, but the Obama offense ain't working

Which of course got me to wonder what is up with that?  Did they use an equal number of Republicans?  Had it been used in the past?  Was it successful?  These are all burning questions a politically minded sports nut wants to know.

This from the CBS show “5th Quarter”

So they use all different signs during a game including a falcon.  And it didn’t matter what sign they held up, Auburn was playing so badly even Little Sisters of the ‘Po would have trounced them, right?

I have a running theory that ANY team, Obama publicly endorses or is affiliated with is destined to loose.  It explains the Bulls loss, multiple NCAA teams during March Madness and of course, the “sure win” loss by the USA women’s soccer team, Pittsburgh Steelers AND the Olympic bid failure.  I don’t have formal statistics but I’m not aware of a single sports team or performance Obama has stated support for that went on to in.  Kind of like the Al Gore effect where weather patterns reverse where ever he goes to speak.

But two side notes:  The first from ELLSSUU, a Utah State fan on the LSU fan page:

I saw the Auburn sidelines hold up an Obama sign 3 times during the game to signal in offensive plays.   Resulted in 2 sacks and Mcaleb getting hurt in the third play. My 11 year old son calls the play "We're screwed" lol. He is a smart kid

AuburnLsuBoxScore And another side note.  Auburn lost the game where they used the Obama plays.  How about the game last week against Florida when they used the “George Bush” plays?  Auburn won that game – 17 to 6.

129960138_extra_large_medium I’m beginning to think my theory isn’t just a theory.  :)


I was laughing my heart out reading this post! I think it was a draw of luck. Perhaps, its just not their game.

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