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Occupy Oakland - The George Orwell Version from Van Jones

I hope you appreciate that I get this sh*t so you don't have to.  But it is important to track what they are doing to be better prepared.  This is an email from the Van Jones organization (he is still informally involved  believe since they have a link to his background and current positions.):

Jean Quan: Stop the Violence
Call on Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to end the violence now.

Oakland police brutality
Dear Jim,

Last night, downtown Oakland resembled a war zone. The Ella Baker Center is appalled at the City of Oakland's violent response to peaceful protestors. Speak up now against the violence.

Pete, from Oakland, age 31, was one of the many folks injured while exercising his freedom of speech. "I felt it was ridiculous that the City raided the Occupy Oakland camp in the middle of the night using violent tactics. Right when people tell you to shut up is the moment to stand up and speak. That is why I marched in downtown Oakland last night."

Pete heard the police give a 5 minute dispersal warning. He was surrounded by other protestors - he saw nothing thrown at the cops, no violence, and no destruction of property. He joined others chanting, "Who are you protecting? We are the 99%!" Without further warning, the police began launching canisters. Pete turned to walk away when he felt something hit his ankle, heard a loud noise, and saw a huge flash of light. A friendly stranger helped him get medical assistance for his ankle which remains bruised and injured today.

Pete remains resolved to continue to stand up for the Occupy movement's right to be heard and to resist further threats of violence.  "I can't believe Oakland would take that level of aggression against people doing nothing threatening. I still can't believe it. But I will go back. This is our city, I hella love Oakland, and I am going to fight to protect our freedoms."

Pete's is just one story of Occupy Oakland's attack from the City and the police. Join us now in denouncing the violence and demanding the immediate release of any Occupiers.

This is not the end of Occupy Oakland. Or of political activism in Oakland. In fact, it is just the beginning. Right now, the Mayor and Police Department should apologize and change their course. But tomorrow, they should join us all in fighting for the 99%.

The Ella Baker Center Team
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights | 510.428.3939
1970 Broadway, Suite 450 | Oakland, CA | 94612

So they were just peacefully protesting and without notice the facist, police state that is Oakland California just time-warped back to 1964, right?  Not quite.  This from the UK Guardian:
City chiefs said they had told protesters last Thursday to cease camping and cooking at the plaza. More warnings were issued on Friday and Monday.
Oakland's mayor, Jean Quan, said in a statement that the city had maintained daily communication with the protesters and thanked those who "peacefully complied with city officials".
She added: "Over the last week it was apparent that neither the demonstrators nor the city could maintain safe or sanitary conditions, or control the ongoing vandalism."
Now the story is getting caught up in whether police used "flash bang grenades" to disperse the crowds.  An Iraq veteran is also in critical condition from being hit with something in the head, and of course the Occupy protesters  are screaming at "police brutality."

Glenn Beck just covered in his Occupy Wall Street expose on Monday (free here by the way and worth watching), that this has been planned all along.  Many have noted MSNBC nearly calling for a "Kent State" moment.  Also that the disinformation campaign would ultimately use military types to turn against their government.  All of this was before the Oakland incident.

As I reported in an update to my "Is this the Obama Crime Plan" article, an undercover long time Democrat explains that these forces will try to use race as the trumping factor to make this movement important.  With that in mind, note the continuing argument in the Guardian despite the fact that the Occupy crowd was largely NON-black:
My colleague Paul Harris writes that "the Oakland police department (OPD) has long been one of the most controversial urban law enforcement agencies in America" – with a string of high-profile criminal and brutality allegations going back decades.
Paul Harris
It is also tough turf to police. Oakland is a city that has suffered from considerable urban blight, gang problems and drug issues. It is a historic centre of black American culture and radical black politics, having given birth to the Black Panther movement in the 1960s. There have been persistent reports of police criminality and abuse, especially aimed at the city's black population, where community activists say low-level police harassment is a fact of life. Latest census figures show black people make up the biggest single ethnic group in Oakland at 27.3%, with white people at 25.9% and Hispanics at 25.4%.
Despite having almost the same size populations in the city, however, white people account for only 16% of OPD vehicle stops, and 6.7% of motorists searched. Black people in Oakland, by contrast, account for a whopping 48% of vehicle stops, and 65.8% of motorists searched.
So after watching Beck, reading my article and the Ulsterman report are you finally convinced this is an orchestrated attempt to create chaos and civil unrest so that Obama can suspend freedoms?

Normal, law abiding people have to wonder, if the police tell you that you are unlawfully gathered, give you nearly a week to disperse and then move in in force - should we show any sympathy to those who refuse to obey the law?  And moreover, why would they NOT disperse?  Are they looking for trouble?

That bandwagon beckons.

From Big Government:

Radicals Leading #OccupyChicago to #OccupyCityHall Under Investigation by FBI for Terror Links


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